Apathy and academic decline of students

What should we do with our children’s lack of education and lack of interest in education?

Here we try to look at the problem with analytical thinking and look for practical solutions to fight this problem. Sometimes we look for external variables as the causes of the problem in order to escape from our own internal conflicts and reduce the torment of conscience caused by treating the child incorrectly, and in this way we justify our own actions. Many factors have conspired to reduce our resilience to life’s problems, which is not the place to discuss them here, but these problems are common and exist for all of us in varying degrees.

First of all, we must calm ourselves down and know that we ourselves need to calm down, in fact, this calmness can only be achieved by increasing awareness, awareness is the light that we have lit in the heart of darkness, the more it is, the deeper the range of vision.

In the next step, put yourself in the place of the child with the reverse role technique and understand in what space and with what facilities and tools the learning process is going to take place for the child. It should start from your side, now you realize what the child really wants and how much he is capable of, the active learning book is one of the best books in the field of learning, which teaches you important clues to work with the child and change the style, human nature with compulsion It is not consonant, so nothing should be imposed on the child by force, threats and coercion, because basically learning does not take place, like forced prayer, which does not build faith.

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Another important thing that I should mention from a psychological point of view is that we are basically critical, but we are not open to criticism. We easily criticize our spouse, family, children, and neighbors, but when it comes to ourselves, we don’t even have a critical view of ourselves, and this is something we have not been trained to do, and now we can first create it in ourselves, then in our child. Let’s get rid of criticism, blame, punishment, and force, and instead teach the child to be selective, a system that is foreign to us, because we were brought up in a different way and brought a so-called burden.

The next recommendation to create a suitable environment for teaching a child and making her interested in learning is to teach facial and communication skills.

The most pleasant teacher for all of us was the one who always smiled or joked with us and laughed. Let’s look at our own face in the mirror, what do we see? A normal or sad face? Now try to smile and you will see how hard it is, because there was no safety valve for us and all the pain is stored inside us and for years we have collected this mental garbage and we have become so used to it that we are not ready to throw it away, now try Cry, you might get it after a few seconds, while the muscles that are activated when you cry are more than the muscles that are activated when you laugh.

مطلب پیشنهادی(Suggested content:) :  Increasing interest in reading in children

Therefore, we can laugh much more easily, for this reason, try to start teaching with a smile and transfer this feeling to your child.