Cyberspace sexual threats (children)

Sexual threats: early sexual maturity – self-gratification – reduction of mental and psychological resistance against fornication, adultery, homosexuality and intercourse with animals and incest with the spread of porn and pornography.

Effects of pornography: failure in real relationship-conditioning-brain numbness to natural pleasures-reduction in brain control and inhibition-loss of beauty-loss of physical fitness and ugliness of the body-hair loss-pessimism and temper-repulsion Impotence of semen – Weakness in physical and sexual powers – Prostate and breast cancer – Decreased memory and learning power – Weakness of nerves and decreased tolerance to issues and…

Sexual abuse: the child is forced or convinced by empathy, compassion and sending gifts that actions such as sending nude or sexual photos of themselves or others, establishing a sexual relationship through webcam or smart phones, sexual conversation by sending messages, etc.)- One of the main goals of cyberspace is the possibility of validating and normalizing sexual desires, which are especially dangerous for girls.

Sexual terrorism (i.e. the link between technology and terrorism and trying to recruit members through cyberspace through children (why? It is easier to convince them)) – teaching and facilitating committing acts against chastity – publishing private images of people (pornography) )-

Sex tourism (that is, when tourists travel from developed countries to some developing countries, they engage in sensuality with prostitutes, who are often children, by buying gifts and deep but hypocritical sympathies, and sometimes by buying plane tickets for the child victim. will achieve their goals)

Sexual identity crisis and doubt in accepting one’s male or female identity (encouraging to change gender and infecting them with all kinds of mental disorders)

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