Dealing with anxiety by writing and…

A person suffering from general anxiety has severe anxiety and worry even under normal conditions. Some of the symptoms of this type of anxiety are: difficulty concentrating, restlessness, irritability, feeling sick and breathing throughout the body, heart palpitations. If the person does not take treatment, this anxiety may lead to devastating heart attacks in him.

This anxiety can be similar to panic disorder, because both of them do not need a factor to feel anxiety and panic.

If you suffer from generalized anxiety, try the tips listed below to reduce symptoms and improve your mental health. The great thing about these tips is that they don’t have any side effects that can make your anxiety worse. Also, keep a record of your anxiety levels throughout the day as you try them.

Studies have shown that journaling (writing diaries or old diaries) works wonders in treating and reducing anxiety and depression. Journaling as a tool helps a person to vent their negative emotions instead of letting them expand in their mind. This topic can help you to understand which method is effective and which method is not effective.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can have a huge impact on your anxiety levels. According to an article from PsychCenter, lack of sleep is directly related to very common anxiety disorders as well as excessive worry.

With insomnia or stress hormone deficiency, cortisol in your body can skyrocket, which can cause generalized anxiety attacks. In addition to this hormone, there is an amygdala in the brain of every person, which is exactly the emotional center of the brain and plays an important role during sleep.

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Therefore, when a person suffers from insomnia or lack of sleep and does not have a regular schedule for his sleep, this hormone is disturbed and as a result, the person will suffer from emotional instability, as a result of which the response to negative stimuli and factors in the mind will increase and anxiety will intensify. will do.

So getting enough sleep is one of the relatively simple methods that will reduce anxiety. This very simple method is definitely worth a try. Even your doctor or therapist recommends that you get enough sleep every night, even if you don’t have anxiety.