Definitions of coaching

Coaching philosophy is that we are capable, creative and energetic, wise and capable people and we can build our lives faster and easier with the help of a coach.

There are many definitions about coaching, but some of them are briefly mentioned below:

1- It is a process during which the coach provides the learning environment for the coach to improve his performance and career success. This is achieved by developing key capabilities such as problem solving skills; In such a way that after that Kochi can achieve the necessary conditions for his success independently and by using those capabilities.

A conversation that helps learning.
A process that provides opportunities for improvement and change.
A solution that helps people or organizations find the best solution.
A set of tools and methods that support the learning process.

People who use coaching experience new perspectives on personal opportunities and problems, greater decision-making and thinking skills, better relationships with others, and confidence in fulfilling their life and work tasks. They can achieve admirable results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and achieving their respective goals while committing to improving their personal effectiveness.

Today, people believe that they should be responsible for their own lives, and coaching helps people to achieve this desire. Therefore, coaching continues to grow.

2- It is an art that facilitates a person’s learning, development, and performance, enhances a person’s self-awareness, and helps him identify options. In this way, people can find their own solutions, develop their skills, and change their attitudes and behaviors. The main goal of coaching is to remove the gap between people’s potential and their performance.

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3- The essence of coaching is that it encourages people to accept their responsibilities, experience the power of their abilities, go for learning, be creative in solving problems, be able to make excellent decisions and use all their potential and ability. We are born with the capacity to do these things and it is a gift of evolution to us. Progress in the field of neuroscience has proven that despite the hypothesis that the human brain stabilizes in adolescence and then gradually declines in old age, our brain is “plastic” and can still grow in old age. However, we know very well that the human spirit is easily broken.

We all know people who sit apathetically in front of their television screens, don’t do much at work, daydream in class, engage in useless activities like alcohol and drugs, and blame others when their lives take a turn for the worse. they know. What determines the path of our life? The answer is that the social environment is a very important factor; Whether we are growing or in work life.

In other words, coaching is a powerful and effective method of motivating and the most admirable method of people’s success, which creates an effective and useful connection between the coach and the coachee through asking and traveling within oneself. In this method, internal capacities are cultivated and giving employees a sense of identity and helping them. This work is done with the aim of developing skills and competences and focusing on certain areas of skill or behavior (such as effective and influential but invisible leadership) and with full respect and compliance with ethical principles in accepting the person as part of the coaching process.

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