Empowerment-oriented perspective in life

Why is dealing with errors and weaknesses and neglecting abilities and capabilities so common and most people fall victim to it?

According to Clifton and Nelson in 1996, most people think that achieving an empowerment-oriented perspective in life means that they can do anything that comes to their mind and that anyone can do it if they have the will and work hard. He can achieve anything, but this belief is also not true because each person is a set of unique abilities that probably make him successful in a specific field, not in all fields. The reality is that we can and should strive for everything we want in that field, but the idea of ​​long-term success will deceive us; Unless we see at the very beginning whether we have the basic talents required for that job or not?

For example, someone who is deaf and all he thinks about is becoming the star of musical shows, of course, when the listeners don’t welcome him as they should, he will feel bad about himself in the end, but if he focuses on his amazing acting abilities and Try to become an actor in non-musical shows, maybe his dream to appear on the stage will become a reality.

Taken from the book “Positive Psychology Techniques” written by Gina. El Magyar-Mooi

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