Geometry of thought

Euclid’s principles are comprehensive mathematical principles, and Greek sages wrote on the doors of their schools that no one who has not read Euclid’s principles should enter this school. Plato had a garden outside the city of Athens that he dedicated to science and knowledge.

His disciples would gather there to understand the grace of education and engage in science and wisdom, and because that place was called the Academy, Plato’s philosophy became known as the wisdom of the Academy, and its followers were called the Academicians, and today in Europe, the absolute scientific community is called the Academy. It has been said that it was written on the garden of the Academy that anyone who does not know geometry should not enter.

It was written on the door of Plato’s house that anyone who does not know geometry should not enter our house, and our elders used to say that practice in geometry is like soap for a garment, which cleans the garment and illuminates that thought.

Geometry is an intellectual exercise, and in Arabic, a mathematician and a mathematician are called murtaz, just as physical exercise is called austerity and an athlete is called murtaz, and since all geometrical content is based on regular and solid rules, it moderates the thought and from Deviation stops even in his other works.

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