Happiness is the chosen feeling

The biggest distance between two points in this earthly world is the distance between knowledge and action.

Advertising media introduce the three elements of wealth, fame and beauty as the main factors of guaranteeing happiness, while happiness, happiness and joy is an emotion; It is a psycho-emotional state and we are responsible for creating it and we choose to…

Positive psychology research led by Dr. Martin Seligman shows that wealth, fame and beauty guarantee only 7% of our happiness.
The recent 25-year studies of social psychology regarding happiness and the characteristics of happy people by sampling from 128 countries of the world have proven that a large part of the factors affecting the feeling of lasting happiness are factors that each person has 100% control over and chooses. .

Abu Saeed Abul Khair says: Everyone should go one step further from where he is. In other words, change is the result and product of movement.

Taken from the book Mayim, the original of joy and grief, written by Dr. Ali Sahibi

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