happiness level

The excitement of happiness is short-lived and depends on external conditions and environment, but the feeling of happiness is more long-term and related to the internal environment of a person.

We have three levels of enjoyment in life:

  1. Passive pleasure: which is the pleasure of consuming, buying, having and obtaining results, and generally this level of pleasure is the pleasure of result orientation. This level of pleasure depends on money and after reaching it, we have depression and low mood because our psychological system is a process and if it sees the result at the very beginning, it feels empty.
  2. Active pleasure: which is the same as making, creating, and generally process-oriented. This level of enjoyment is independent of money and dependent on time, patience and energy.
  3. Active pleasure in the way of community: it means to produce and share!!! The reason why some famous footballers and even some artists in the country and in the world turn to public welfare and charities is because of enjoying the highest level of happiness, which is also developing.

In other words, we have somehow suffered a crisis of meaning and poverty of processes. For example, in the recent days, for Nowruz Eid, they used to bake homemade sweets, and during the year, they prepared paste and lemon juice, etc., and in these intimate gatherings, they felt the happiness resulting from the processes, and how many depressions and so on. .. In these processes, it was treated automatically.

One of the ways to find lasting happiness and joy is when you do something difficult or do the hardest thing possible to the point that you become overwhelmed with it.

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Mohammad Abad, Master of Psychology (drowning experience)