Hypnosis and forgetfulness

There are two types of forgetfulness, the first is the forgetting of past events and the second is the forgetting of trance events, in the case of the first, it almost never happens without the intervention of a hypnotherapist, although it is useful for treatment, and for the second, it often happens spontaneously.

One of the important features of the human cognitive system is that negative events, unlike positive events, tend to be forgotten over time.

Indeed; When we remember all our failures and problems well, we will feel bad. Despite this, many disturbing events are remembered by clients as very painful, and these memories are often difficult to enter consciousness and ruminative.

Accurate induction of forgetfulness, even in small amounts, can be beneficial in such cases. Insinuations such as: You can gradually start to forget. Or you forget to remember many of these events.

It might be better. Evidence shows that induced forgetting works best for those with high trance proneness or high hypnotic suggestibility.

Taken from the book Cognitive Therapy of Hypnosis written by Thomas Dowd

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