Imposter syndrome (especially successful people)

Imposter syndrome is specific to successful people. Many capable and talented people, despite their increasing abilities and successes, do not have any positive inner feelings about their abilities and capabilities, but believe that they have deceived others in some way. In other words, this syndrome can be defined as a set of feelings of inadequacy that originates from the belief that a person is unworthy and does not have the ability to do the work. Imposters have psychological symptoms such as high and constant anxiety, low self-esteem, conflict between inferiority and superiority, negative self-concept, fear of exposure, fear of being recognized, etc.

One of the ways of treatment:

Keep reviewing your achievements and progress in your mind.

If you don’t have a notebook to record your achievements and strengths, try to count them in your head. Take a close look at all of your accomplishments and consider your hard work and perseverance the factor that got you where you are.

Admit to yourself that the situation you are in now is due to your own work. You have earned your place and your achievements are proof of this. If you keep this approach in mind, your imposter syndrome will subside.

The following clip shows the side of this syndrome.


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