Life mission (optimal use of life)

God has given each of us the power to achieve perfection and success in at least one field and field. Each of us was born for a specific purpose. The creation of none of us was accidental, and each of us has a special and valuable contribution that we must make towards the human race. One of our duties is to know what our mission in life is and to use our strength and talents in that direction.

Now, in order to know in which field and work we can be excellent, we must identify two important factors:

First, you excel at something you love. One of our duties is to know what we like to do. Once we know what we love to do, we devote our time and energy to achieving excellence in it.

Second, most of the time, the opportunity to get what we are looking for often lies in the environment around us, and those we know. Don’t think that in order to realize your goals, you have to travel across the country, change your job, or go to university for 4-5 years to get a degree. See exactly where you are, what you really want from yourself and what your goals are and start your work from there with the program….

The following clip illustrates the above.


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