meaningful life

Life is full of lessons and tries to teach us something every day. Each day offers us moments of clear awakening that lead to the flow of new insights into life.

Awakening moments can be simple and ordinary; Simply a rainy day. Complaining about reality doesn’t change anything, it just stops you from experiencing what’s happening.
Being open to the current moment is a difficult task, but for the sake of freedom and openness, it is necessary to change.

We have to move from where we are.
We have created fixed and monotonous patterns in ourselves that don’t let go easily. We feel comfortable with these patterns and any change seems dangerous; Hence, it is easier to fit in and be like before.

When comfort is repeated it becomes a lifestyle and if you stay comfortable for too long, you get stuck. When a monotonous lifestyle is deep enough, it can turn into a grave, burying you under the lethargy of inactivity.

To have a meaningful life, we must carefully search for ways to change:

For a meaningful life, challenging each day enthusiastically and consistently is essential.

where do you stand today are you comfortable very comfortable? Are you ready for a change? What did life teach you today? Can you hear the message? Do you experience awakening moments?

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