Our reading and Westerners

Common culture of writers in Iran: Neither your book is important to me nor my book to you.
Comparison of Iranian books and authors with foreign books and authors of advanced countries has very interesting results and points.
With all the respect I have for Iranian writers, but in general, I believe that just as our car manufacturers are very behind compared to foreign car manufacturers, our writers are also very behind compared to foreign writers (and so are the readers of Moon and the people of Gulab Be Roton). Moon) Now many evidences and reasons can be presented, which I will mention one of them for now, and I will mention some of them in the future, God willing.
One of the differences that can be seen in Western books and authors compared to Iranian books and authors is that in many books that
Foreign authors write, there are many notes from other authors who have approved this book and recommended to read it. It can be seen that they have read the book and have given good suggestions to make the book more productive.
In summary, writing for them is like a wedding among us Iranians, where many people help to organize a good assembly. But writing a book, and helping the author to write a better book, and four lines of praise and praise for the book and the author by colleagues, among Iranian writers and scientists, I don’t know how to give an example (again, Gulab to you). , Perhaps .
It’s like washing and shrouding a dead person that few people are willing to volunteer) but whatever; First of all, many authors do not tell others that they are writing a book (because it is not very important for others), and when they finish, they do not give it to others for review and criticism (because others do not feel like reading books and make excuses). , and when they want to print, there is no one who is ready to write four lines of praise (because they don’t read the book, they don’t accept each other, and basically the common style of many of us, in many cases, It is not a handshake, but a handshake) and in short, when the book is published, no excitement is created in anyone (because nothing important has happened).

I don’t know what is the sign of not being together, not helping each other, not being behind each other? But whatever they are, they are very, very bad signs.

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May God make the end of this society of ours with so many “book running away” and with so many “running away from each other” a good end. God Amen
Mahmoud Yazdani @shokoofaee