prayer therapy

Hope is one of the concepts very close to optimism and one of the features of life that makes people search for a better tomorrow. Hope means waiting for success and a better future, it means a reason to live, when there is hope in the heart and mind, there will also be passion for life.

Hope is an active and learned process; It is a way of thinking that leads to certain behaviors. Hope is a thought process that simplifies goal setting and helps us work effectively toward our goals.

We define hope with three interconnected components of thinking, i.e. “determining the goal / the power of finding a way / and the power of will”. Hope cannot be formed without these three interconnected components.

Therefore, setting goals, all people set goals in their daily lives (long-term/short-term); After the goal is determined, the next step in optimistic thinking is to determine the ways to reach the goal. In other words, a person must have the ability to think about the ways to reach the set goal. People who are good at finding a way, feel that they can find many ways to reach their goal.

In the third step, it is the power of will that leads a person to his goals. Will is the source of motivation and motivation, and people who have high willpower often show interest in their work and have a positive attitude when they think and talk about their goals.

Hope therapy aims to help clients formulate clear goals, create multiple pathways to reach them, motivate themselves to pursue goals, and reframe obstacles as challenges to overcome.

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Taken from the book of positive psychology, the science of happiness and human strengths, written by Alan Karr.