Self-discovery or identity recognition

who am I? How do I define myself when I think of myself? Knowing your identity is one of the first tasks of anyone who wants to develop himself and develop his present and future life. Each of us can be in one of these 4 places of identity and recognize such an identity for ourselves.
1- identity based on self and looking at the past or remembered identity: here, the person equates his current identity with his past identity; Good or bad, for example, he says: I’m not a follower or planner at all, I’ve always been like that.

2- Identity based on others and observing the past or reflected identity: this identity is related to the feedback we receive from those around us about our past, for example: you are weak-willed and have never cared about your health.

3- Identity based on others and looking at the future or planned identity: This identity is related to the messages that others send us about our current identity or what we may become in the future, for example: You are very smart and you must You will become a good businessman or you will become a very good athlete or you will become nothing in class.

4- Identity based on self-monitoring the future or the created identity: the important thing about this part of our identity is that the identity created by me is not controlled by others and the past at all, and is completely in our own possession and related to the future. to be

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The most successful people were the ones who built their own identity and became the people they wanted to be.
A very important point is that if we want to change our behavior without changing our identity, the new behavior will not last. In other words, personal identity and vision are at the top of the chain of change.

Taken from the book Life Coaching, Self-actualization in the Shadow of Personal Leadership written by Dr. Ali Sahibi