Spiritual intelligence, comforting and uplifting

People with spiritual intelligence do not behave with others based on established patterns and patterns, but think and behave based on the inner meaning they infer. A person with spiritual intelligence uses space and time to discover and observe, to be aware, to evaluate and develop the meaning of his life.

Whether we are in heavy traffic or on top of Mount Everest, the truth of our situation is the same. The deceptive identity in the traffic tries to fill your inner space with stress, while the spiritual intelligence assumes that it is a suitable situation that is part of the meaning of its life.

A higher picture of life always encourages us to consider a new meaning of life. These meanings are not related to IQ and IQ and are in the field of SQ or spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is searching for meaning. Meaning is how we deal with higher principles than the higher image of life. A feeling of enthusiasm, connectedness, completeness or completeness.

The meaning is uplifting and sublime and reduces depression and mental pressure.

Spiritual intelligence prevents indifference to children’s issues in our own country and even in Africa because it finds meaning. What does it mean that children suffer in this world? What is telling me and my life to understand this?

We are always situated in a greater truth and everything around us has meaning and purpose but we may not be aware of it. Meaning expands awareness of the world and all that inhabits it. Thinking about poor children and oppressed people who are oppressed by oppressors and occupiers is the beginning of discovering, searching, how and what are their values, responsibilities and considerations in life. Spiritual intelligence is even more than the higher stages of moral development. A sublime meaning that spreads peace and transcendence.

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Showing a reaction is different from showing a purposeful and meaningful response. The purposeful answer brings a person closer to a greater truth and further awakens the inner core, and this means the growth and expansion of spiritual intelligence. The humility of a person with spiritual intelligence is not forced and is a selective process that is consistent with the inner core meanings.

Source: principles and techniques of guidance and counseling for the elderly, pages 193 and 194