Stages of hypnosis

A hypnotized person goes through stages during a hypnosis session and each moment adds to its depth. These stages are divided into several degrees in different divisions.

Some schools consider three stages as light, medium and deep, which is a very simple division. Other schools have between three and nine stages for it. There are 50 steps for hypnosis in the table of Skron. In another classification, these stages are divided into six degrees, which include: hypnoidal (lethargic) stage where the muscles are numb and in a certain state of relaxation – light sleep – sleep – deep sleep (anesthesia can be induced) and performed simple surgeries – somnabolism (sleepwalking) which is the beginning of positive hallucinations in a person, such as the feeling of itching on the skin – deep somnabolism (clairvoyance) at this stage, a person can feel events that are capable of It is not their feeling.

Reference: Strengthening sexual power with hypnosis by Dr. Mehdi Fathi, page 54

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