story therapy

Storytelling is the oldest and most effective form of conveying content, and Iran is the cradle of storytelling in the East of the world.
The story affects the audience’s mind with the art of the storyteller and changes the fabric of his personality.
The story uses a set of our senses. Stories and story therapy are very powerful tools in human relationships, therapeutic relationships (story therapy), education, family, art and life in general, and in other words, life is stories and stories are life.

Every story has a structure and plot and often ends with a surprise. Stories often generate excitement and have a relaxing and successful ending.
The use of stories and storytelling in the Holy Quran and to guide people is the high point of the spiritual position of storytelling, which cannot be replaced, because the most complex task in the world is to guide people, and the use of stories and storytelling is from The creator of the universe makes the role and importance of this issue eternal and sacred to the extent that the use of more than 280 stories in the Qur’an provides a source of meaning and confirmation for the benefit of storytellers in all ages and centuries.

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