Strengthening motivation by laughing and crying

Psychologists agree that motivation is an internal factor that motivates, directs, and coordinates a person’s behavior, and also considers motivation as an internal process that activates, directs, and maintains behavior over time.

Motivation is the energizing, guiding and maintaining factor of behavior. In psychology, motivation and excitement have a close and tight relationship, and wherever motivation is discussed, the topic of excitement is also examined. Some emotions, such as sadness, happiness, and anger. And even love sometimes manifests itself in the form of crying, that’s why crying is in the realm of special human emotions, and Islamic philosophers also consider crying and laughter to be special human symptoms, on the other hand, there is a direct relationship between human emotions and motivations. In many cases, emotions strengthen and increase motivations, sometimes emotions are a motivation to advance behavior.

For example, when people are afraid, they move toward goal-seeking behavior. For example, anger is an emotion that mobilizes mental, physiological, hormonal and muscular resources, that is, it strengthens the behavior to reach a certain goal, that is, it directs the behavior.

Therefore, crying in the way of God is a kind of positive emotion that strengthens a person’s motivation to achieve what is desired. Therefore, Robert Plachik believes that divine sages have realized the importance of some special emotions related to the religious experience of people, and the cultivation of these emotions. were indirectly placed at the top of the religious education program, on this basis, if the emotions such as sadness and happiness that appear in the form of crying and laughter are given the correct and positive direction, it will not cause depression, but it will provide the necessary energy to increase motivation. And it strengthens the human will to do great thingson]

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