Temporal character

Time is something we cannot buy, make or sell and we have to admit that in today’s world we are often faced with the problem of time crunch.

Therefore, it is necessary to know that the mental use of time is a person’s perceptual representation of the use of his time.
In other words, people are suggested to have a time personality, and time personality requires dimensions such as punctuality, planning, attention to free time, enthusiasm and time harmony.

Time urgency refers to people’s insistence on the urgency of time because:

They are more aware and attentive to time.
They are extremely hasty and try to fully realize their dreams and ambitions.
They prioritize their work and use deadlines as an indicator of time remaining.

Research has shown that time perspective is related to culture because:

For example, Protestants are more future-oriented than Catholics, and among countries, those who live in southern regions are usually more present-oriented than those who live in northern regions.
More individualistic cultures tend to be more future-oriented than cultures that emphasize collectivism.

A balanced time perspective, relying on the exigencies of the situation, the needs and values ​​of the individual, combines the components of the past, present and future and uses them flexibly. People who have a balanced time perspective can take appropriate temporary action according to the situation they are in.

Taken from the book Positive Psychology written by Kate Heffern and Ilona Buñuel

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