The biggest examples of extravagance

When it comes to extravagance, the mind usually notices extravagance in material matters; But the circle of extravagance is very wide and not only in material matters, there are examples of extravagance in all areas of life. For example, God calls Lot’s people “Qomٌ مُصْرفونَ” (a group of transgressors); This is because they left the right model and took advantage of sexual instincts. Another example of extravagance is extravagance in affection and affection. If a person loves someone more than his capacity, he has wasted it; However, Amir al-Mu’minin (AS) says: Love your friend as much as you do, maybe one day he will become your enemy.

One of the biggest examples of extravagance is extravagance in life and existence. If a person spends hours on something, but does not receive the return of one hour, he has wasted his life and soul. Sometimes this extravagance reaches a point where there is no way to compensate for it. Therefore, extravagance may happen in all areas such as sexual, emotional, moral, economic and even in the human soul.

The Book of the Glory of Prayer, Commentary on Sahifa Sajjadiyeh, Vol. 2, pp. 502-504. #happy moment #shokuhniaish volume 2 @MohammadaliAnsari

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