The importance of counseling

The human need for guidance and consultation with others in making decisions, choosing and applying appropriate solutions in life is not hidden from anyone. Especially at an age when a person has to make important choices. Undoubtedly, such advices and guidance will help him in his correct and appropriate actions and will prevent him from going wrong in his chosen ways and decisions.

Most of the lack of success, failure and staying halfway are caused by not having enough information about the subject and making wrong choices. Therefore, as counseling is important in various fields, such as marriage counseling, counseling in crisis situations, career counseling, etc., it is also very important in the field of education. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) said: “I am the adviser of Doi al-al-Bab, the heart of Ali al-Rashad.” The one who consults with one’s owners will be guided to growth (happiness).

Today, the importance and place of using counseling and psychological services is more visible to us than ever.

In fact, as people’s level of education and awareness increases, and as time progresses, people’s interest in getting advice and guidance from experienced and expert advisors increases more and more.
It can be said that in our society, people’s views on counseling have become more positive and better than 2 decades ago. If it was once thought that psychologists only deal with mental patients and that anyone under the supervision of a psychologist or psychiatrist is a person with problems and cannot be trusted, now many families have realized the illogicality of this type of thinking and They look at psychology and counseling with an open mind and use these services.

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Now, there are few people who think that going to a psychologist or counselor is limited to the existence of mental illness, and the other thing is that using the experiences of those who have benefited from these services and got a better result has led to the creation of a more appropriate approach to this issue. Nowadays, with this role becoming more established and the number of psychologists and counselors increasing, as well as the expansion of counseling offices and clinics, people’s access to consult and get counseling has increased to the extent that they are now also present in courts, police stations, and health and treatment centers. We are psychologists and counselors.

Paying attention to the new ways of life and the more complicated living conditions, people face the stresses and pressures of this life. Family counseling is a process that provides suitable solutions for people to adapt to these conditions and manage stress. In addition, such complex life conditions cause the need of people to receive appropriate information in various fields. Therefore, family counseling undertakes such a task, provides guidance, informs and resolves family issues.

There are many subjects for which the expert opinions of counselors and psychologists can be used; including: pre-marital counseling, interpersonal problems of couples and parents with children or children with parents, career counseling, academic counseling, addiction, raising and raising children and teenagers, anxiety, depression, obsession, diagnosis of mental retardation and hyperactivity, intelligence assessment , measuring job satisfaction and…
The work areas of counselors have expanded greatly and psychologists and counselors are busy helping their fellows in various ways, including; Individual and group counseling, classes and educational workshops and telephone counseling.

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