The last slap!!!

How long ago was the last time you were slapped by reality?
Life slaps reality in different ways and in other words, sometimes it acts very harshly and more like a punch, like the death of a friend, getting a serious illness or injury, a terrible accident, giving birth to a disabled child, financial bankruptcy, betrayal, fire etc.

But really slapping is a painful reality because we don’t expect it, nor are we interested in it, and we definitely don’t want it.

In other words, at first, a slap wakes us up, and then we face a gap. I called this issue the gap of reality because on one side is the reality that is the truth of our life and on the other side is the reality that we want to have.

The greater the gap and distance between these two realities, that is, what is and what we desire, the more painful the emotions aroused in us will be, and emotions such as fear, longing, jealousy, despair, shock, sadness, anger, anxiety, hatred and … will be felt more.

Taken from the book Reality Slap by Dr. Ross Harris

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