The miracle of empathy

99% of those who find it difficult to cope with someone around them or their loved ones, use the psychology of external control in their behavior. This psychology, which is based on punishment and criticism and the belief that I know better than you, is the main source of conflict and unhappy relationships that many people struggle with.
In a relationship, the more these behaviors are used, the more damage the relationship gets and eventually it falls apart. External control psychology is a kind of plague and contagious disease of human society. Almost all those who use counseling and psychotherapy or are referred to a counselor are because they themselves exert external control over others or someone else exerts external control over them.

When clients make better choices to meet their needs, their symptoms disappear.
Brain imaging research shows that brain chemistry changes to make better choices.
Dr. Bergin believes that in the new psychiatry, empathy and love psychotherapy should replace drugs, electric shocks and biochemical theories. Almost the main source of the problems of all those who refer to psychiatric and psychological centers is the lack of satisfactory relationships in their current lives.

Taken from the book Choice Theory in the Consulting Room written by Dr. William Glasser

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