The miracle of writing goals

If you are serious about achieving your goal, you must put it on paper. In 1953, a study at Harvard University in America showed that three percent of the graduates of that year had specifically written down their career goals, which is referred to as the miracle of writing goals on paper in a Harvard University study.

Exactly twenty years later, a team of researchers interviewed the members of the same class and found that the three percent who had written down their goals were several times more likely than the other 97 percent to achieve valuable economic success.
If it is the first time you want to do such a thing, first draw or visualize in your mind the position you want to achieve in the next 10 years (next 5 years, next 3 years and next year) and then Write it down on paper.

Remember that writing down the details of your goals will always be very useful, effective and decisive.

Taken from the book Life Coaching written by Dr. Ali Sahibi


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