The most beautiful fate

The most beautiful, attractive and best fate that can happen to a person is to be paid to do what he loves passionately.

In 2001, Riznaviski found in his research that life satisfaction and job satisfaction depend more on how you see your job as an employee, and the amount of income or job credit will come next.
To find a profession that makes us feel good both now and in the future; We should go to a professional who has three characteristics at the same time:

be consistent with our capabilities. It means that I can handle it easily and learning it is not difficult for me.
Enjoy doing it and create inner satisfaction.
To see a meaning and value in doing it and to feel that by doing it, we add value to our lives and to others.

Taken from the book Life Coaching, Self Development in the Shadow of Personal Leadership, written by Dr. Ali Sahibi

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