The necessity of using coaching

In a situation where anxiety and worry are high and acceptance is low, learning becomes weak. People have the necessary knowledge to do most things, but they face difficult conditions to implement what they know. It is not necessary that we necessarily learn more from a person or a boss, but it is necessary to implement what is already hidden within us.

In other words, the increase in pressure causes annoyance, paralysis, and disability rather than helping the conclusion; Especially when we want to work against the existing conventional culture.

If we really want to be at our best, we need to reframe it with common patterns that try to improve performance through training and instruction and other traditional management interventions. We talk a lot about what needs to change, but the question is, do we really understand how to make the right change?

“What is coaching” is a course to empower people so that they feel relaxed and useful and feel satisfied by reaching their desired positions. While paying attention to the problems and challenges faced by the manager and the employee, this method also focuses on his goals and tries to help him achieve better and faster results by providing the necessary support.

Currently, coaching is considered one of the most efficient methods of developing people and a powerful approach in performance management. Unlike training, which usually includes a group of people and has a time limit, coaching is a focused and one-to-one method that can be implemented every hour and every day. Unlike some forms of training, coaching is not an immediate method that is immediate from to learn, but it is a lasting and long-term effect on the individual as well as the organization.

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Therefore, according to the complexities of today’s world, it is very important to be able to analyze and solve the problems and difficulties ahead and prepare to face the current changes and different conditions of work and life; Therefore, coaching has become a useful and inevitable tool to face and coordinate with many of these changes.

For example, coaching is a great tool for today’s challenging job market. Today, job changes and the number of people trying to create and launch small or self-employed companies have increased. Some of the factors in today’s real and turbulent world are as follows:

1- Rapid changes in technology
2- Changing the needs and tastes of customers
3- Lack of talented employees in certain industries
4- Big difference between the goals and needs of past managers and the needs of current managers to achieve desired results
5- Fear of lack of job security and high pressure in the work environment

An interesting trend that you may or may not be aware of is that many successful organizations and companies are either newly or have already started using coaching programs to enhance their organizational growth.

These organizations know that the support and growth of their most important resources, which is the human force, has many advantages. Currently, high-performing employees as well as emerging leaders and middle managers are encouraged to try one-on-one coaching. This in turn drives organizational success and builds real feelings, respect, motivation and value.

One of the readers of Fortune magazine in America said: “At the insistence of my employer, I entered the coaching experience while shouting and stamping my foot on the ground; But then my eyes opened strangely. I won’t go into the gruesome details of bad management habits (which I thoughtlessly picked up during my 14-year career), but I will admit that I recently got 3 administrative promotions while attending a 12-week intensive coaching course.

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