The power of the present

Moments of being in the present occur naturally, for example, when we meet important people for the first time or those who are attractive to me. We pay attention to their single words.

When we take the first bite of a delicious restaurant meal, when we smell a new and delicious aroma, or when we gaze at a beautiful rainbow, we are likely to give it our full conscious attention for a moment, but just as quickly We decrease and disappear.

After 3 or 4 bites, we no longer focus on the taste and smell of the food. Yes, we are still busy eating food, but we don’t taste it anymore, we don’t look at the shape and texture of the food, so we don’t enjoy eating as much as we should.

The same is true for perfume. It fades into the background within minutes to the point where we rarely even notice the smell anymore.

Because eating has become an automatic thing, instead of paying attention to the sensation inside the mouth and curiosity about the tastes, we tend to talk with our companions.

If we look at life with the eyes of privilege, we can take advantage of the opportunity of the present time and in this case we can have the opportunity to appreciate it, embrace it, love it.

Taken from the book Reality Slap by Dr. Ross Harris

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