The true value of man

Some of the world’s top sociologists gathered in Denmark to discuss an important issue. The topic was: “What is the true value of man?”.

To measure the value of many creatures, we have a special criterion. For example, the value of gold is measured by its weight and grade. The measure of the value of gasoline is its quantity and quality. The measure of the value of money is its support; But what is the standard of human value?

Each of the sociologists spoke and presented certain criteria.

When it was my turn, I said: If you want to know how much a person is worth, see what he is interested in and what he loves.

A person whose love is a two-story apartment is actually worth as much as the same apartment. A person whose love is his car is worth the same amount. But the one whose love is God Almighty is worth as much as God.

Allamah said: I said this and came down. When the sociologists heard my words, they stood on their feet for a few minutes and applauded.

When their cheers were over, I stood up again and said: Dear ones, this word was not mine, but it was from a person named Ali (peace be upon him).

He said in Nahj al-Balagha: “The value of the whole thing is good.” “The value of each person is as much as what he likes (considers it good)”.

When I said this word, they stood up again as a sign of respect for the holy presence of Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (peace be upon him).

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Taken from the memoirs of the late Allameh Mohammad Taghi Jafari.