University on the water (one semester at sea)

One day I was a guest of an Iranian friend and I met one of the professors of UVA University. He told me that he was invited to teach in Semester at Sea for 2009.

This was the first time I heard such a thing. This university departs from the east of America at the beginning of each semester, and at the end of the semester, it sends its passengers (600 students and 33 professors) to the west of America. All the programs of this traveling university (seminars, classes, talks, etc.) during the semester were all focused on one theme and the central theme of 2009 was the theme of “Globalization”. The cost of participating in this semester was 40 thousand dollars for each student.

The high price of this university was due to the fact that students visited 15 countries of the world during the semester and experienced programs on globalization.

This model of studentship and education was one of the most superior models in scientific growth and development in America, which provided the fields of scientific and practical growth and the field of opinion and action in tandem.

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