Wow, God has a heart!!!

God has a wonderful heart, and a strange heart…

The most difficult task of God is not to create and provide sustenance and manage the existence. Perhaps the most difficult task of God was to make man free, and while he is the creator and owner, and while loving his servants – who wanted them to stay with him forever – he was pleased to give them the power to choose, and make them free to do so. They decide to stay or go. But in his heart, there was this uproar not to do it, to leave and not come back. And maybe God’s heart will be torn apart with all the mercy and compassion he has for humans, when he sees his servants leaving before him.

And therefore, all the concern of God – from sending messengers and sending down books, and granting free blessings and blessings and thousands of other things – is to make his servants return to him again.

If the knowledge of the wise ones was full of longing for them and waiting for their repentance, they would not have died eagerly for me and cut off their limbs from time to time.

If My servants, who have turned their backs on Me, knew how much I wait for them and long for their return, [each of them] would die of [the intensity of] joy and the bonds of their bodies would be torn apart. #اسرار_السلوه p. 19 Mahmoud Yazdani @shokoofaee

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